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Evacuation by Helicopter after a ski accident can cost thousands

Ski insurance or insurance for winter holidays is generally more expensive than standard holiday insurance. Why? And how best to choose the most appropriate?

First, why is Winter ski insurance more expensive? It stands to reason that participating in activity means you are more prone to accidents and injury than simply lying on a beach. Learners are arguably more accident prone while they are developing their skills and acclimatising to an unfamiliar environment. So the cost reflects this.

It is worth pointing out the statistics show that clients in ski lessons are less likely to have accidents. Here’s why:

  • A good qualified instructor will observe the mountain highway code and will take steps to educate clients

    A qualified & experienced ski instructor always works with class safety in mind.

    A qualified & experienced ski instructor always works with class safety in mind.

  • Instructors normally have good local knowledge and will know which slopes are appropriate for the level of the lessons and the class and how to progress without over-challenging
  • Skilful instruction starts with difficult tasks on easy terrain not doing easy things on hard terrain
  • A good instructor is keen to show you what you can do not what he or she can do!

So lessons are always a good safety investment!

Which ski insurance is best? Of course this will be influenced by your budget and there are a host of comparison websites which will assist your choice, so here are a few points to consider when  choosing:

  • Cheap insurances will often have a high excess point/ limited cover/ more exclusions so make sure you read the small print!
  • Cover intended for frequent travellers will not necessarily cover for ski insurance and other sports deemed high risk. However it may be simple to do an upgrade and well worth it.
  • In a ski area like the Portes du Soleil you are skiing across international boarders and the location of your accident may well affect your cover. Make sure you know whether the cover is area specific

If you are indulging in a cheeky weekend ski break it may well be tempting to just rely on an EHIC card for your medical cover. If you do remember: EHIC DOES NOT COVER FOR EVACUTATION OFF THE MOUNTAIN it will only cover your medical expenses (in fact most generic private insurances may not cover evacuation to the medical centre). The costs of being helicoptered to safety can be frightening but don’t worry there is a budget friendly solution to this.

In France you can buy Carre Neige at the same time as buying your lift pass. This ski insurance specifically covers you for accidents on, and evacuation off the mountain. It is reasonably priced and a combination of this & an EHIC card provide a reasonably priced medical insurance option for EU residents (which still includes UK as I write!!)

There is an all season version of the Carre Neige called Carte Neige which is a must for seasonnaires and back country enthusiasts. This provides evacuation cover for the entire season and the summer season too for around 40€

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