Why Separate Adults & Children In Lessons?

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Why Separate Adults & Children In Lessons?

In ski school in Les Gets, when a child is about 12 we deem them mini-adults and give them the option of joining either group. This will depend on the child, as some 11 year olds are more mature and so happier in adult’s lessons whilst others still think as “kids” and best off in children’s lessons.

Every person of any age will learn in a slightly different way and children definitely learn in a different way to grown-ups (although some adults could be said to be children too)! But the main difference you’ll come across in ski lessons is that children have little to no preconceptions when performing a task and see challenges as FUN. Whereas adults do have preconceptions and will normally need a reason to go along with the task and will ask why we are doing something.

For example if you ask an adult and a child to ski around a turn on one ski, they might both ask “why?” but the answer may have to be different. To the youngster-“just to see if you can do it” “because it’s cool” or “look I can hold it off the snow for 10 seconds”. An adult may need a more technical answer- “it will improve your balance/confidence”.

This willingness to experiment means children often pick up the basics more quickly than adults.

This is a simplistic look at this and there are so many other examples and reasons. More often it’s the parents that want to be with the children than the other way round and this is a normal urge to protect your off-spring. But try to allow the instructor the time to build the trust of the pupils, normally the first session is enough. Remember you did this the first day of school, leaving them to go into the school building on their own from the yard or playground. The sooner you leave them in the capable hands of the teacher the sooner, normally, the sniffles stop.


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