What equipment do I need to start skiing?

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What equipment do I need to start skiing?

Generally the British Ski Schools in Morzine & Les Gets do not provide equipment or passes as part of a package, you will be expected to organise these for yourself.

Here is an equipment check list for absolute skiing beginners:

  • Skis, boots & poles – standard rental package. Boots should be your normal shoe size and fit well, so snug but not pinching. Tell the ski hire place that you are a beginner so they set your bindings accordingly.
  • Skiing goggles AND sunglasses.
  • Beanie, waterproof gloves & scarf/neckfleece.
  • Waterproof outerwear, ideally salopettes and a roomy jacket, jeans are NOT  adequate for skiing!
  • Make sure you carry high factor sun cream & lippy – the sun’s harmful rays are twice as strong when reflected back off the snow.
  • Have thermal undies available, lots of layers are more practical than one chunky layer.
  • Invest in proper ski socks which will not wrinkle inside your boots and will provide padding in the right places. Don’t be tempted to wear two pairs to pad out ill-fitting boots. If your ski boots are too loose try and change them for a smaller size or a different make/style.


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