To Ski or Not to Ski?

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To Ski or Not to Ski?

DSC_1627DSC_1617Awoke this morning to snowflakes falling gently and a triumphant sun wedging its rays through the leaden clouds.

Goody! Fresh snow! But how to make the most of it? I’m like a kiddy in a sweet shop on days like this!

Of course there’s skiing, or I could go for a snow shoe, or skin up Mt Chery (piste touring only until the snow pack stabilizes) and telemark down. All great ways to enjoy the amazing Les Gets landscape. Ultimately I opt for some happy slapping over to Mt Caly, mainly because Delilah Dog can come too and I can’t bare her reproachful looks when I leave her at home. She’s a big fan of fresh snow too, chasing it, rolling in it, eating it and wriggling down the slope on her belly, legs akimbo like a spatchocked chicken to achieve maximum contact. As much as I love it I can’t match that display of enthusiasm!

Another day I’ll be more selfish but I’ve already had two great mornings on the slopes this week and in mid-January there seems to be plenty of time to savour it all.

Joe’s like a pig in you know what too, on an all day private lesson with all mountain skiers. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!!

So why don’t you book yourselves a cheeky few days and come and join the fun? Never tried it? Now’s the time, I know just the fellah’s to get you up and running and if you find skiing isn’t for you, well there’s plenty of other fun to be had……


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