The Trainers’ Conference Hintertux 2011

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The Trainers’ Conference Hintertux 2011

Well the usual eight hour bus trip form the Swiss Border through to Liechtenstein and then Austria, with the usual banter, laughs and silly questions and coffee and wee stops along the way. We arrive in Tux around 6pm at the Bad Hotel!

This year the main thrust is the T.I.E.D. model and using it to help deliver and understand the teaching and technical and how the levels and resources are to also aid this. First day on snow is not inspiring, woke to rain in the village and after getting to the top of  the mountain (3600m) you can’t see a hand in front of your face. The wind is howling! The snow ain’t bad though and we even manage to do some Tele turns on the way down too. Next two days though are well good and we (Andy Salter, John Eames, Elaine Adam and I) manage to get a fair bit done, joining in with the alpinists at points but separating to get some Telemark stuff completed on snow and off.

Off snow there are quit a few lectures to go to  and some are better than others and the two that stand out are Dave Morris’ one on the ‘speed test’ and Andy Salter’s on ‘delivering the bad news and pesenting’. Andy has a rare sense of humour and has us all in stitches for about an hour, he even calls John Thomas and me up to show different approaches in delivery.

The last night is the usual wind down with a few drinks and a few of us put together an old favourite sketch ‘If I were not upon my skis’ . This goes down well with the whole training body, with Andy Jerram stealing the snow, this might end up on You Tube. I manage to fall over  and break my wrist during drinking games and am regretting being a doughnut as now I can’t do anything, like play the guitar or general chores very easily but I hope it gets better soon.

Great to be back on snow albeit for a couple of days and can’t wait for the season to start!!!

PS From Babs – if I didn’t know better I’d say it’s all a ruse to get out of strimming the garden before winter sets in, hmmmmn! Just like to make a point though to any nervous clients out there, this is in fact how so many injuries on ski holidays occur – not on the slopes at all but larging it up in the bar!!

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