The mountain have done a great job this season – Thanks

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The mountain have done a great job this season – Thanks

Thanks – a round of applause for the mountain

Sa-Gets have done a great job this season

Well I think I said this earlier in the year but no one would say it has been a classic snowy season this year!

I can count on my fingers the powder days this season and the snow falls have been few and far between. The temperature has gone up and down more than an uppy-downy thing; winter one day followed by seemingly weeks of spring/summer weather.

This plays havoc with the snow – changing its texture from, light and fluffy fresh powder to heavy, unpleasant and slushy. It is not all bad news, although disappointing – if you’ve skied pow one day and then it turns to “elephant snot” and your skis are dragging along – as slushy bumps are awesome. I always talk about controlling the control-ables and the weather and the snow conditions are definitely beyond any of our control. We just have to deal with what we have and wish, desire and pray for a decent snow fall to reignite our enthusiasm and mojo.

While we sleep and wait patiently, the mountain company (SAGets) who run the lifts, maintainence, ski patrollers, avalanche and piste-ing machines are hard at work doing their best with what they have. You may not even notice but they do so much unseen and un-thanked work; harvesting snow from off the pistes and repairing the brown or green patches.

20170330_084405Traffic jam on the way up, harvesting

thanks thanks

Well let’s put that right, well done mountain! We here at ALC applaud all your hard work, THANKS!!!

I encountered the scenes above the other morning, where they had harvested the snow from I have no idea but the run they were repairing was brown on my way down it the day before and was white again next day.

We don’t have many weeks to go here in Les Gets, Morzine, Avoriaz and my guess is it will snow at least one more time before it is all over. BUT, come on snow Gods, can we have a proper season next year? I would like to see scenes like these PLEASE;

 Chavannes Blue run White

Another bunch who deserve a big thanks and applause is all the ALC clients that have come and skied, telemarked or snowboarded with us this year. With the way the snow has been this year they couldn’t be blamed if they went away unhappy however, we can only say thanks peeps and let’s hope that we can do it again next season in MUCH, much better conditions – here’s wishing you a great summer and an even bigger and whiter winter 2018, Joe, Babs and Ed
p.s. the season still hasn’t finished and my bet is we will get at least one last powder day….fingers crossed…watch this space and grab a last minute powder lesson.

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