Telemark warm-up or “One man and his dog”.

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Telemark warm-up or “One man and his dog”.

A little follow up to our recent what to do in the summer to “get your fix” and ready yourself for the #winter season……

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Although not exactly the same, due to the boot not having a bellows and not therefore being allowed to articulate at the toe joints – #Telemarking on rollerblades is great for working on all aspects of your #skiing, from balance by skating around on the flat to turning at speed, albeit on a very slight hill in Little Wakering in Essex (the angle of the black line denotes where the ball of foot would normally be).


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Your focus is to maintain rear foot pressure as it does tend to be a little up on the toes instead of the ball of the foot but it surely has to be a benefit.


The alternatives; attend the recent Indoor series run by the GB Telemark Team at #Hemel Hempstead or get out to the #Alps, not long now, should be there in November but as long as the summer stays then maybe this is the next best thing? Maybe I can run some rollerblading Telemark sessions in Essex next summer……dog poo slalom…race/try not to trip up over the Spaniel…. Joe Beer

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2 thoughts on “Telemark warm-up or “One man and his dog”.

  1. Jim Davidson
    November 5, 2015

    Hi Joe

    I have just discovered your blog. I like the Roller Blade Tele idea.

    For some years I have been using roller blades for Nordic summer training – Skate Nordic Blading. You might want to try blading with Nordic Roller Ski Poles for added overall workout.

    • Joe Beer
      November 10, 2015

      cheers Jim just seen this. great way to exercise the dog too! with snow on the way might have to wait for next summer

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