Summer in the alps

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Summer in the alps

“What do you do in the summer?” is a common question we (ski instructors) get asked.

With the Tour de France coming right past our house tomorrow and previous blogs informing you about cycling in the area we’ll leave biking for later.

Having a dog gets us out the house, even on the wettest days anyway. So, here’s a few favourite pictures of the last couple of walks in the area;


The waterski lake in Taninges, like a mirror


A couple of views of Mt Blanc from Mt Caly


There’s a walk with art installations along the Giffre river from the Chartreuse de Melan to the waterski lake in Taninges but I think there’s a big Mosquito problem!


Honey I shrank the dog! The oversized bench in the grounds of Chartreuse de Melan in Taninges.

Walking, cycling among other things will have to be our thing until it snows again. Not long now ’til the white stuff starts to fall again and to be honest I can’t wait, although we have had some good weather this summer since we returned from UK but it is raining today.


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