It’s Spring Skiing in Les Gets & Morzine

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It’s Spring Skiing in Les Gets & Morzine

Spring Skiing

It’s spring skiing in Les Gets & Morzine now we are into March which of course has it’s good and bad points.

Spring skiing

So here is a summary of the potential advantages and disadvantages and how to make the most of spring skiing:

  •  At this time of year the days are longer, generally more sunny and overall it is warmer.
  •  Inevitably the friendlier climate  impacts on snow conditions which are typically firm early in the morning and slushy by the late afternoon.
  • It follows that the best spring skiing conditions are to be had from mid morning until early afternoon, when the snow is soft enough to be grippy but the pistes are not yet chopped up.
  •  Off piste conditions can be particularly unpredictable and unstable. Check out my blog last week for things to consider before venturing into the back country. It is worth bearing in mind that hard core touring fans will often be setting off around the same time as the hard core holiday party animals are just heading to bed – about 5am. Why? Because the colder temperatures help to keep the snowpack stable and they can be back down to safety before the sun hits the slopes.

So what specifically should you be thinking about wearing at this time of year to be comfortable and practical during your holiday?

  • Switch the beanie for a peaked cap or a visor
  •  Ditch thermals in favour of wick away undies, breathable shells (gortex) will be more suitable than down jackets.
  •  Sunglasses with good quality lenses will probably be more comfortable than bulky goggles.
  •  And don’t forget the sun block!! UV rays can be twice as strong in the thin alpine air and are reflected back upwards by the snow.

Having said all that, it is important to remember the friendly climate can switch back to full on winter conditions in a heart beat so don’t be caught short. Carry a day pack with: an extra layer of clothing, winter beanie, gloves, goggles & neck warmer. Make sure your outer layer of clothing is wind and shower proof.

Spring skiing

And one last word to the wise from Auntie Babs! Stay hydrated! Dehydration can be a major factor in the onset altitude sickness, heat stroke or hypothermia so always carry a bottle of water and remember to top up at intervals – especially if you were on the town last night!

So have fun all without losing your cool and enjoy what spring skiing has to offer!

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