Snow report and why take ski lessons

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Snow report and why take ski lessons

Snow report Avoriaz

The snow report you’ve seen says the snow is marginal, why should you take a lesson?

OK let’s start with some honest reporting on the snow report and conditions for Avoriaz; there isn’t boundless powder all over the place, nor are all the pistes open. Sadly it is a limited opening and the main hope apart from a bumper snowfall for the PdS, is if it stays cold so they can pump out tons of the artificial white stuff.

snow reportVideo of Prolays on the 9th Dec above

However, what is open is truly good; Prolays down to Linderets, Bleue de Arare and Bleue du Lac, the loop around from La Tour lift and parts of the beginners areas, with – good cover and very few stones. There’s the odd icy or sticky patch of cannon snow or Whale (see pic of a man-made pile) but mainly complete wide pistes. The mountain company Serma are doing fantastic work trying to maintain these and also pushing the Whales of snow all over the place to open more; La Fornet bowl and the run home to Ardent gondola, backslaps and handclaps for Serma PLEASE!

This week 12th-18th Dec has been great, sunny skies, empty slopes and good pistes. I haven’t skied everyday as have other commitments but try to go up every other day for a couple of hours to find my feet and get the legs ready for the deep stuff when it comes, fingers crossed.

Why take a lesson then?

Snow report

Well my guess for next week, is that with the limited terrain, even if there are less people around the pistes will still be crowded. In a lesson you get lift line priority and the instructor will know where the best conditions are too.

In my opinion, many people wrongly wait for great conditions before they take a lesson or wait until they are struggling with the conditions, whether good or bad: why not take early advantage of the conditions you have and the pros and cons that this limited opening may offer you? Don’t wait until you’re struggling as you’ll have learnt some bad habits by either being bored or over-challenged.

As stated above the conditions at the moment aren’t awesome by anyone’s perception! Think though, people get to a really high level of competency indoors in the various snow-domes in the UK and worldwide (If you’ve ever used them they could be said to offer limited terrain, what we have at the moment is vast in comparison and the view does change!). How? they get input and or are disciplined to challenge themselves in some way.

The opportunity I’m talking about is instead of just sliding up and down the hill over and over again doing what you can already do – get some simple input from a ski professional; a focus or focuses for the hour, day or week that will enhance and maximise you improvement and time while you’re on the hill. Learn to do something new or something you’ve always struggled to do, this is how you move to a higher level.

There are so many little tips and tricks we can teach you to help you get to be the skier, Telemarker and snowboarder you want to be….. remember challenges don’t always have to be about speed or steeps we at ALC can challenge and change your performance on what is up there in Avoriaz.

We’ll be up there…will you? If you need more info or help contact ALC.

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