Skiing Lessons – There’s Always More To Learn!

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Skiing Lessons – There’s Always More To Learn!

Mid-January is low season for skiing in Les Gets, typically at this time of year the resort is relatively quiet (except for day-trippers up at weekends) and so is the demand for ski lessons.

It’s a great time of year for Joe & I to take advantage of our surroundings and remember why we chose this life-style (it really isn’t about the money, our ski school in Les Gets, Alpine Learning Curves, pays the bills but it’s never gonna make us rich!). Last week the boys had an off-piste excursion together and enjoyed a blue-bird day with excellent off-piste winter conditions.

Yesterday Joe & I took time out for a date – ski, followed by an excellent lunch at Altitude Lodge (courtesy of one of Joe’s regular clients, thanks Eric Hughson, when you are back in April we recommend belly of pork or pigeon breast!) washed down with a bottle of St Emilion. Once again conditions are fantastic, winter sun, blues skies and squeaky cold snow underfoot. Admittedly it’s getting a bit scraped off and shiny on the busier or south facing slopes but more snow is forecast for Thursday & Friday which is perfect timing!

Monday I went for a clinic with Mo from TSI, he’s a  competitor here but first and foremost a longstanding ski-buddy of Joe’s (I still reckon they should have opened a school together and called it MoJo Ski!) and one of BASI’s excellent Alpine training body. Since I stopped teaching 5 seasons ago I have not put much into my  skiing and it is beginning to show, so I consider myself very lucky to have so many good teachers around I can turn to for help – spoilt for choice almost! And I’m now really psyched for the next one.

It is a source of frustration for ski teachers that so many recreational skiers reach a reasonable level and just stop taking lessons – Why? Any conscientious instructor will tell you that they still work constantly to maintain their skiing level and improve their teaching knowledge, long after getting that rubber stamp. It is all too easy to get into lazy habits and stop challenging yourself. Like anything in life, you get out of skiing (or boarding) what you put into it – let’s face it, ski holidays are not cheap, so you owe it to yourself to spend that few extra quid to brush up your technique, try something you’ve never done before or boost your confidence and maximise your time here. Come on – surprise yourselves!

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