Skiers Love Big Knickers

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Skiers Love Big Knickers

Skiers love big knickers! Skiers who regularly hit the slopes in Winter will have a tried & tested check list of what to bring on their annual pilgrimage to Les Gets, Morzine or any other favourite getaways. Newbies may want to refer to our check list at the start of our Frequently Asked Questions section of the Alpine Learning Curves website:

However there is one garment which seldom appears on such lists and I would argue it is an essential in any sporting woman’s wardrobe. As a woman now in her middle years I am no longer embarrassed to admit it –


There are simply times in a girl’s life that glamour has to be sacrificed for practicality. “Nooooooh” I hear my younger counter-parts scream. “I am woman! I can multitask! I can do anything! Even with a wedgie!”


Not what I had in mind.


For many years I felt the same way and I have flirted with all the fashionable knicker cuts over the years, French, the brief, the hi-leg, the tanga. I even tried out Joe’s boxers for a while (during my ladette phase when I was drinking pints of bitter with a port chaser. I don’t do that anymore either.)


Chris Evert had the right idea.

Not only skiers love big knickers. I first succumbed to the lure of the big knicker when Joe & I were seriously in our horse riding phase. Every possible weekend was spent galloping helter skelter around the New Forest or on long lazy pub rides. The initial lure was to find something to wear under tight jodphurs that didn’t leave a vpl or the dreaded double buttock. But once I had taken the plunge with a pair of M&S ladies’ passion killers that could easily end up in my Mum’s underwear drawer by accident, I had to admit to myself that a smooth contour was just an added bonus compared to the comfort of a padded crotch and high waistline. Four hour rides were no longer an endurance test and no gapping between my shirt and jods when the rides became more energetic!


I tried to share this revelation with a younger friend but it went horribly wrong. This newbie was coming on her first riding weekend with us, mainly to impress her new boyfriend, Joe’s best friend. I warned her to bring substantial undies (her new other half had confided his delight in discovering this voluptuous young lady never showed vpl under her tight pencil line skirts because she didn’t wear any!) Unfortunately this was the age of the teddy. The glamorous all in one garment which fastened with press studs in the gusset area. Great for evenings out. For rigorous sporting activity, not so much!! Our friends are now married with 3 grown up kids but she doesn’t horse ride any more!

Skiers Love Big Knickers

These days sporting ladies can be comfie without looking & feeling like they have borrowed from Nora Battie’s wardrobe

So when we switched our allegiance to skiing, sticking with the big knicker was a no brainer for me. Warm, no bunching or wrinkling to be hiked out of inconvenient places (extra difficult with a multitude of layers on top in the bathroom of a mountain resto) and that all important smooth silhouette. All the lunging action required for skiing Telemark involves a lot of movement in the buttock area I find, so wedgies are to be avoided at all costs for this version of our sport.

Thanks to the introduction of brands such as Spanks & Sloggis, and of course the contribution of Bridgitte Jones, it is possible these days to indulge with the comfort of big knickers which do not completely destroy a girl’s sensual credibility. Skiers love big knickers like these. I particularly like the M&S seam free big knickers which have become an essential part of my wardrobe. You do have to be a bit careful though, no flowery patterns girls or your washing line will look like Nora Batty’s!! And steer clear of red, shiny, or anything else that might be deemed to be trying too hard – it’s just too much of a statement imo!

Skiers love big knickers but I have discovered that my younger counter-parts are still die hards. Discussing cycling wear last summer with one of our female ski buddies I expressed my preference for the big knicker. Nope she was adamant – if you don’t want vpl or scrunching then buy extra thick cycling shorts and go commando! Which just goes to prove, us sporting gals are all or nothing types!


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