Ski Sunday What Were You Thinking?

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Ski Sunday What Were You Thinking?

Normally big fans of Ski Sunday but Graham Bell you sure showed your limitations this time! While he was crowing about Amy’s success on her ‘lesson’ we were wincing at his appalling efforts at teaching and his insistence on dragging his pupil down a blue run with her skis parallel by the end of the lesson as if this was the only yardstick of success.

We see this every week, over enthusiastic ‘mates’ who can already ski, over challenging their beginner friends, who, at best develop a hideous ungainly ski-ing style destined to plateau early, at worst are left gibbering wrecks!

Luckily a bit of tlc on a lesson from Joe or Ed puts them back on track. So come on Ski Sunday, how about taking an opportunity to show case the excellent British instruction available!

And Graham, as an instructor you make a great erm….. tv presenter!!!

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