Andi McCann Alpine Skiing

Andi McCann Alpine Skiing

Andi McCann joins the ALC team for the peak weeks.

andi mccannAndi started teaching at the tender age of fifteen (he lied about his age to the dry slope!) at one point he was the youngest person to pass the instructor exam.Andi mccann

  •  Basi L4 Alpine and current Trainer/Examiner
  •  Race coach
  •  Alignment/Biomechanics/Boot fitting specialist





Andi working his magic on a client

We’re proud to have Andi working  alongside in addition to running his own workshops world wide under the banner of Alpine McCannix. He’s also is a balance alignment specialist, working on people’s physical problems and boot-fitting. Over the years he has probably forgotten more about Alpine technique than the rest of the ALC Team put together know but is still able to impart his knowledge in a humorous and simple way that our clients love.

60 second interview

What is a balance alignment specialist?

We tend to assume we can just hire Ski/Board/Telemark equipment and go! Head for the slopes! For the vast majority this is happily true. Unfortunately some of us have Equipment Issues READ MORE