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Ready, Steady……

So it’s almost a week since Joe departed for Les Gets and on Sunday he is off to the BASI Trainer’s Conference. New Uniforms from Salomon have arrived and we’re having our logo emblazoned on them as I write. The new skis/boards/boots from Head are almost all here and the bookings enquiries are coming in.

All good indications that the ski season is on its way but from where I’m sitting it’s definitely hurry up and wait! Here in Cumbria I feel a million miles from everything to come and now the summer is over the Distant Horizons bookings are taking a predictable breath (last big event before I leave is on Saturday, good luck Decision Insight with your Ultra Challenge).

I’ve decided to launch (well, heave) myself into a fitness programme to prep for my winter. Since Joe left no booze, no chocolate and I’m back into the running, which sort of backslid around the time of our last two houseparties. Nothing too manic, a few miles on the fells about four times a week (at a very stately pace) and supplemented by the normal daily walks with Delilah and some yoga stretches.

Luckily I enjoy exercise and being active (although even I baulk at going out when the rain is going sideways like yesterday) but I also enjoy my food and the evenings are always pleasanter when rose tinted so I’ll let you know how my resolve holds…….

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