Private Lessons?

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Private Lessons?

Private lessons are a very popular option for clients booking with the British Ski Schools in Les Gets & Morzine.

They offer greater flexibility for people keen to get the most from their ski holiday. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of booking ski school this way:


You can request the instructor of your choice. If you have found a rapport with a certain instructor it is worth its weight in gold and certainly worth paying good money for!

Flexibility – so long as arrangements do not infringe on other bookings, the instructor can change the meeting or finishing point of the lesson.

A party may prefer not to be split up even though there is a spread of ages & levels. Provided we can offer a workable lesson which offers value for money we will try and accommodate this. This is not possible with group lessons, where individual clients have a right to expect more strict organisation so everyone in the group has a fair deal.

Similarly, you are able to influence the theme of a lesson. In a group you may all be capable of skiing powder, but if you are the only one who wants to you are going to be out-voted!

Nervous clients are inclined to respond better in one to one lessons where they can dictate the pace. Nervous people tend to compare their own progress with other members in a group with negative and often demoralising results.

In peak weeks hiring an instructor to zip you through the priority lift queues and straight to the best skiing on the hill is a sure-fire way of maximising your ski time!


Private lessons cost more – but cost versus benefit, better value for money perhaps?

You decide!

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2 thoughts on “Private Lessons?

  1. Lauren Pedlow
    February 8, 2017

    Hi there,

    I am trying to arrange private skiing lessons for two of my friends who are staying with us the weekend of 25th/26th Feb. My brother recently used you for telemark and was very pleased. Do you have availability at 10am for two hours, both days, preferably on the Avoriaz/Linderets side (as opposed to pleney side)? And can you let me know how much that will be if you do? Many thanks

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