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One certain way of gauging the onset of Winter is our porridge intake. For Joe and me the first day of Autumn has nothing to do with the equinox or the religious calendar, it is simply defined as the first morning chilly enough to head for the porridge pan!
And how do you take your porridge? Distant Horizon’s boss, Jason Beverely is a true Scot, preferring his with salt and water – yeuch!!! Us southern softies prefer the pimped up version – milk, brown sugar and whatever seeds and dried fruits are lurking in the larder (favourites are pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and a few chopped dried apricots).
And then there was the super – deluxe version this morning – yesterday Joe was out in full forage mode, so this morning’s first meal of the day came complete with wild blackberries & raspberries. Yum!
I am so glad I’m not Scottish (although I am partial to haggis……)

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