My book is out

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My book is out

My Book is out Free the Heel, Free the Mind – Fix the Heel, Fix the Problem Or “The Musings of a Cockney Snowsports Instructor” It’s taken a while but the time for prevaricating is over, time to say that’s it finished get it out... Read more

Colours of fear?

  Colours of fear Colours of pistes, are they gospel, can you trust them, do they cause confusion? Colours of fear, you may have seen this before but I had to post again as needed to update some of the info. When I started writing... Read more

Autumn, this means winter is next

Autumn Autumn in the UK, what am I missing This is my 2nd full autumn in the UK, Autumn is historically my favourite time of year – winter is now but in my youth before I started skiing and Telemarking in my 20’s, I always... Read more

Big kid inside everyone?

Big kid inside everyone? Watching David Baddiel interviewed this morning where he said something along the lines of “all comedians are 12 years old, in fact all people are 12 years old except Michael Gove – he’s 52”. I have always said that I am... Read more