A Ski Holiday In Les Gets?

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A Ski Holiday In Les Gets?

Seeing Les Gets from the point of view of our holiday maker clients Read more

Summer becomes Winter 2017-18

Winter…Summer adventures are nearly over Where do I start; with the finish or the start of the end of the beginning of our new adventures? Wow that sounds confusing but we have had a big upheaval to our normality, well at least since we last... Read more


Big changes at ALC; we’re back in Blighty (UK) after selling our house in France and moving to a small flat there and buying a 1850’s small cottage in Essex. Busy, busy renovating… Other news is we have new UK mobile that you can contact... Read more

Poleplant, hand, arm carriage and pole use

Chapter 12 Poleplant Pole use, poleplant Why do we carry poles around with us? The answer is many fold and they help us with: Balancing Timing Perception And many other complex things along with the obvious uses of pushing us along the flats or up... Read more