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ALC’s new Logo

Our Logo has morphed a bit over the years but we think the new one is very neat and sharp and should make this years Peak Performance uniform easy to find (we’ll show you that soon)! We think it’s a subtle change but links well to the old one.logo-blue

We like the blue logo for general purpose; website (that’s being redesigned too!), letterhead etc. and we’ve shown a few different colours including Orange as that was our uniform for the past 2 seasons to see what you think.

It still has the Learning Curve line going through the middle, incorporates the email address and shows that we teach ALL the major disciplines; Alpine and Telemark skiing along with Snowboarding.

Here’s a few more versions of the logo in different colours and formats; let us know what you think.

logo-si  logo-orange-simple

We’ll leave the old logo until the website has been finished so you can compare the Meercat! we also like the white one on the right.

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