Morzine Harley Davidson Festival

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Morzine Harley Davidson Festival

Hogs Head to Morzine

Harley Davidson lovers on their way to Morzine

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Biker spectacle in Morzine

Every summer Morzine hosts their Harley Days Festival for Harley Davidson fans and this holiday weekend the hills were alive with the sound of hogs heading en masse to Morzine for the annual convention.

We’ll probably never forget waking up one morning during our first summer at Pont des Gets, the peace shattered and the house practically vibrating as hundreds of hogs passed by on their way to the Morzine Harley Days Festival. We thought it was a lost German Panzer division who didn’t know WW2 was over and were still trying to invade the French Alps!!

Well we were half right, Morzine was being invaded but this time it was a friendly one and the bikers were definitely there to take in the sights and enjoy the rock music laid on for free. Literally thousands of hogs were to be seen (and heard) cruising the alps this Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Yes, Morzine lay on a free rock concert every year as the highlight of the Harley Days festival. Sunday night kicked off with all girl rock band Joan Ov Arc, who got us all revved up with some rock classics mixed in with some of their own material. Beth Hart followed with her fantastic gravelly/bluesy vocals. Monday night was the big one everyone turned out for however, to see ’80s rock band Toto, fresh from appearing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, performing their old classics (‘Hold the Line’; ‘Roseanna’; ‘Africa’) and some of the tracks from their latest (fourteenth) album.

So any of you Harley Davidson fans out there who are looking for a cheeky weekend to strut your stuff, you’ve missed out this year but there’s always next….




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