Les Gets Sunday 9am….

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Les Gets Sunday 9am….

Still keeping fit in the Les Gets heatwave

Joe Beer exercises the dog

Making the most of the shade.

Making the most of the shade.

…. Les Gets, Sunday 9am and the temperature is 25 degrees C. Another sunny day in paradise but our plans to cycle in the cool of the day are aborted, being as there isn’t going to be a cool part of the day!

So as the heatwave here in Les Gets continues, our cycling activities are pretty much limited to an hour circuit either first thing in the morning or in the evening, when the shadows are longest. No big deal, we are already feeling the benefits of the regular exercise and as much as we are enjoying the cycling, it is ultimately about keeping fit until winter ski season rolls around again!

One dilemma has been happily solved though. Walking the dog is one other activity which needs to be done regularly and in the cool of the day but how do we prioritise? Delilah’s so user friendly we don’t have to! The other day we took the mountain bikes down to the riverside and rode alongside. In Winter, these routes serve as beautiful cross country tracks weaving through the woods and by the river between Verchaix, Morillon & Samoen. Lyla cantered alongside for a good 15km, keeping cool under the trees and with the occasional dunk in the river (wish we could have both joined her tbh).

The tracks also link up a couple of fantastic leisure parks, one in Morillon and the other in Samoen. Both parks centre around a small lake for fishing, boating, picnics and a variety of other leisure activities and they each boast an adventure park suitable for kids of all ages! Regular visitors to Les Gets will know that we have a similar facility at La Turche which is a real focal point for family fun in summer.

OK gotta go, Wimbledon is on and I have to prep the salad for this evening’s bbq. It’s a hard life in the mountains……


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