Les Gets & Morzine – But Not Skiing

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Les Gets & Morzine – But Not Skiing

No skiing in Les Gets or Morzine at this time of year but we can still make use of the terrain to keep fit, ready for next season! Joe & I are going to be based here for the summer and Ed, who has opted not to do a ski season in NZ, will be drifting in and out ad hoc.

All of us have decided that the best way to keep in shape will be on road bikes. It’s a great work-out for the heart & lungs and legs, all vital for keen skiers.

That doesn’t mean we will necessarily be training together, no sir! Ed, a  good 25 years younger, will be training at a completely different pace to Joe, who in turn, will be training at a completely different pace to me (at least to begin with). Who makes the most improvement however will be completely down to dedication and drive. Watch this space!

We are al keen to experience some hard core road biking on some of the routes frequented by the Tour de France (although we won’t be doing this every day :)) and with some serious elevation to deal with.

Ski-ing is never far from our thoughts but we are looking forward to a summer of cycling in this beautiful part of the world. An old friend of ours from Australia was a skier in Winter and a champion surfer in summer. His philosophy was that by taking time out and focusing on something completely different for a few months, it gave his body time to absorb & consolidate whatever he had been learning that season. When he came back the following season his subconscious had had time to pattern in whatever he had been working on  the previous season: ‘ I learn how to ski in Summer & how to surf in Winter’

It certainly worked for him, personally I’ll be happy to not be groaning from thigh burn at the end of my first day back on the planks!!

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