Les Gets – Beautiful For Beginners

Les Gets – Beautiful For Beginners

Beautiful for Beginners

The Chavannes which is the main access area to the slopes, provides fabulous beginner ski teaching terrain because of the wonderful progression of slopes here. Just at the top of the Chavannes Gondola you will find our beginner area with FREE access to the two tapis roulants (magic carpets) and adjacent rope tows (drive up and save on a liftpass for the 1st session).

Once this has been conquered, a short ride up Le Croix chair provides access to several short gentle slopes; Piste 64 (green), Gentiane and Bruyere (blues) and the excellent children’s (we do sneak adults in) terrain parks – Piste des Indiens and Piste Mauve, where you’ll find the Milka cow giving away chocolate.

milka cow

beautiful for beginners

These are also accessed by draglifts; Grand Cry and Mouille au Roi (be careful when getting off halfway to avoid going up the steeper section, don’t let the perch swing wildly, it’s frowned upon, dangerous but lots do it). At the top is Piste 64 and Fougere, a steep blue which you will have come up.

Avoid Tetes des Crets until you are confident riding draglifts as it pulls very sharply and goes a very long way (once again be careful if you do decide to get off early letting go of your perch).



You don’t always have to put the cow’s arm up his back to get choccy!



Non skiers can sit with cameras at the ready at one of the several restaurants/cafes at the foot of this area – our recommendation would be Le Croix Blanche, but be aware you can’t book a table and the French take lunch early, so be there prompt to avoid disappointment.