Les Gets 2011/12 Season – Our Thoughts

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Les Gets 2011/12 Season – Our Thoughts

Well if I could order the season’s conditions for next, can I have another like this one? Started with the usual fears of: When will the snow come? Will it come too early/late? Will there be enough? Will last year’s weak season put the clients off from coming to Les Gets/Morzine/Avoriaz and take the British press’ usual advice of going high to guarantee snow? In my opinion not always sure as you can get better snow following this advice but also get lots of closed days due to bad weather when the high resorts are battered by high winds etc. In the 11 seasons here in Les Gets I can’t remember a closed day.black found in the ‘Bowl’  which is serviced by 5 lifts to a variety of runs on and off-piste. So the snow did come and how, in the first few weeks we already have more than the whole of last season! And it just kept on coming – this area benefits from a micro climate due to the proximity of Mt Blanc – face shots early on in December on and around the Yeti Great morning’s skiing on Xmas day up on Chamossierre red and black before having lunch with lots of friends in Chez Nannon and getting very merry before skiing home.

After a pretty slow start the clients’ fear dissipates and work picks up as the resort becomes more and more busy. Lots of our regulars return for more punishment, sorry tuition, so a BIG THANK YOU to them for choosing us again, you know who you are! January proves to be my favourite month as not very busy but great snow and the chance to get some unpaid turns in on another favourite area Mt Chery. Last season was a great season for Telemarking, my un-secret passion and this season isn’t far behind it as I get to Tele my little legs off with some new and old clients, even a whole day off-piste on Mt Chery up to my waist in powder! Also a real treat, a team day off-piste tour up Pointe D’Angolon to ski the back bowl down to the Vallee de la Manche.

February, snow still awesome and half term ‘madness’ arrives. This always seems to be something that has a fear factor that is never really realised, as lots of lovely repeat clients and Babs’ brilliant organisation makes things go really smoothly. Cold as, lots of -16, -20 type days, so heartfelt thanks to technology and boot heaters keeping my toes warm and allowing me to get through these freezing days without too much discomfort.

Some old friends and my brother come out to visit in March so pretty  busy après ski and socially along with my other duty as ‘Joe the Strummer’ on Wednesdays. Great that they get to see the area at its best and I get to ski with them too. This month also sees me able to run a BASI Telemark L1 course in my backyard, in my other guise as a BASI trainer. It is really fantastic to do this as I get to Telemark all across the area including Mt Chery and Avoriaz. All these guys are second discipliners and all pass, so congrats to them all.

April normally heralds the END of the season, which can be a bit depressing, but not this season it just seems to keep going. After a warm spell more snow falls and my last day here in the PDS I’m skiing powder with a new client recommended by one of our regulars. So the season is coming to a close here in Les Gets but I’m not finished, I’m off to Hintertux in Austria for a week’s skiing on a L4 training course. After an eight hour drive to get there it’s snowing like you wouldn’t believe and although the visibility isn’t great the snow cannot be faulted. The second day is probably the best of the season, pristine, virginal powder for warm-up runs followed by and awesome day improving short and long turns on and off-piste. The rest of the week isn’t as good as the Tuesday as the visibility fades again but I’ll forgo sight to ski this quality of snow. Get to meet some nice folk on this course and plan to stay in touch with them, top week.

So what can I say about 2011-12? One of the best seasons in recent memory, great snow, great clients, mostly great weather, if only 2012-13 can be similar… or better.

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