Last Minute Bookings Part 2

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Last Minute Bookings Part 2

My blog yesterday provoked a suggestion that we should incentivise clients to be more organised by offering discounts for booking early.

I don’t think our clients are poor organisers.  Often people book late to take advantage of a good deal or because they simply have the freedom to do so (lucky things!). Nothing wrong with that. But I wonder if you would walk into a busy restaurant unannounced five minutes before the kitchen closes and expect your pick of the seating plan and menu? So if you are making a late enquiry, we just ask you to be flexible about the lesson options and budget accordingly! Don’t expect to get the pick of the premium slots or assume there will be a group running at the perfect time with space for you to join.

Ski lessons can make or break a ski holiday like no other factor. Good lessons will enhance the experience of the most nervous of novices, or the boldest of weekend warriors. So next time consider them a priority, not an optional extra!

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