Jump for Joy – Ski Season is Nearly Here!

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Jump for Joy – Ski Season is Nearly Here!

Tonight Joe and I are off to our local gym to join in – a trampoline session! Trampoline is an excellent way to get fit for ski lessons and you don’t have to be able to do somersaults or backflips to benefit:

  • Trampolinists need good spatial awareness – a key skill for skiers, even bouncing  evenly on the cross takes some getting used to
  • A popular trampoline warm up is called Countdown, where you perform a sequence of movements starting with 5 of each, then 4 of each and so on down to one. Sounds simple but I can assure you this is a thorough workout in its own right!
  • Done properly trampoline is great for the legs and is not a high impact sport
  • And not to be under-rated – trampoline is FUN!

Of course we are not advocating that you all pile onto the kiddies trampolines in the garden, without supervision and sensible precautions it can be very dangerous. So if you do not know what you are doing head over to the local sports centre for advice and expert tuition.

As for Joe and me, we haven’t done a course for at least 15 years so I’ll let you know how we get on…..

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