Joe THE (Summer) Strummer by Joe Beer

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Joe THE (Summer) Strummer by Joe Beer

Joe Beer Ski Instructor with his Telemarks

Joe Beer Ski Instructor with his Telemarks

A question we get asked all the time as Snowsports instructors is; “What do you do in the summer/off season/when you’re not sliding about on you various pieces of equipment?”


Well, as my passion for Alpine Snowsports can only really be equalled by my passion for music. I sing and play guitar and have done for almost the same amount of time as I’ve skied, these days under the guise of “Joe THE Strummer” .

This summer has been great and I have had some awesome gigs in my local pub The Castle Inn in Little Wakering along with some open mic nights in various local ale houses; The Railway Hotel, The Sutton Arms, The Old Hat and The Exhibition, all in the Southend area.

Joe Beer's alter ego The Strummer & Telecaster!

Joe Beer’s alter ego The Strummer & Telecaster!

I’ve managed to find a partner in crime in a local leg-end, Keith Farr from the Junkyard Aliens, a band that has been going for 30 years or so.

So the singing side is taken with attempting to be one of my heroes – Bowie, Costello, Marriott and Weller among many others in the songs I cover. And although when playing acoustically I use my Martin 000C-16GTE, there’s only one guitar a keen Tele-marker can use……my Fender Tele-caster.

Looking forward to playing this winter in the Les Gets/Morzine area but have a few gigs left here to do before I leave for France. BTW it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it!

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