Joe Beer Talks Telemark Kit

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Joe Beer Talks Telemark Kit

So at the very end of the last winter season 2014 I finally took the plunge and tried out the NTN or New Telemark Norm – this is a relatively new boot/binding system linkage and different from the older more traditional “75mm duck bill” boot and is generally thought of as “the way forward” or the future of the sport.


It is already popular with racers on the Telemark world cup circuit and up until now I’ve kind of resisted it, for many reasons;

  • I am a closet purist!
  • I saw the reports on how many users had broken them (they have since redesigned it a lot)
  • I like the kind of people that turn up on old kit but can still do it all
  • I was worried in case I liked them I’d then have to buy them (they’re quite expensive)#
Joe Beer Telemarking on traditional equipment

Joe Beer Telemarking on traditional equipment

So what was the result?


Because I borrowed the kit the toe box was tight so couldn’t do more than a couple of hours, It then took me a few runs to get to grip with the way the boot and binding interact and initially I didn’t like the “feel” as the movement within the system seemed heavy but with a few tweaks I got over that – apart from the pain.

The lateral or sideways support and strength really made edging a dream! Responsive and positive in equal measure. The forward support was even more positive and made things like hanging on the front of the boot and doing PORG (people of restricted growth) or hobbit turns really easy although very painful on the toes.

So where do I go from here?

Joe tries NTN kit - so come on Joe, what's the difference?

Joe tries NTN kit – so come on Joe, what’s the difference?


I already have a pair of Rottefella NTN bindings, donated by a good friend Scott Hammond who lives in Norway and a pair of Scarpa NTN boots on order. Once I’ve got a naked ski (a ski without any rail binding system) to use, I’ll get these mounted ready for the first snow in Nov/Dec and this year I’ll be alternating between the 2 systems as I need to test the NTN more but sorry, I do still like the feel and movement of my Head Monsters, Rottefella Chilli bindings and Scarpa T1 race 75 mm duck bills!!

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