Hello Friends!

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Hello Friends!

Pretty soon we’ll be heading out to say hi to all the local chalet companies in Les Gets and Morzine. At this time of year it’s good to get networking ready for the ski season, catching up with the accommodation providers we know, introducing ourselves to the ones we don’t and generally getting up on the radar. There are some fabulous places to stay in this part of the Alps, something to suit all tastes and budgets I’d say, self catered or serviced.

We try and list a good cross section for clients to investigate on our ‘Accommodation In Les Gets & Morzine’ pages but inevitably some slip the net. Do you have a particular favourite you would like to share? We’d love to know if there is someone out there offering excellent service that we haven’t heard about yet – or even if it is one of the companies we hold in high estime, it would be nice to know you agree!

Oh but this isn’t Trip Advisor – we’re not interested in hearing bad reviews – send them to the people concerned, not us please!

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