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Group Lessons are by far the most economical way for most people to learn to ski. Here are some of the pros & cons of group lessons to help you decide if it is the way forward for you:


  • less expensive than private lessons, group ski lessons can represent excellent value for money
  • group ski lessons can be very sociable. it can be a welcome relief to ski with other folk going through the same learning curve, instead of being dragged around by(or dragging around) your mates!
  • you could even pal up with another class member who turns out to be your perfect ski buddy
  • if you are the weakest in a group of very similar ability it can be great motivation to up your game. Or, if you are a timid skier and you discover you are the best in the group it can give your confidence a huge boost


  • If the group is too large it will be difficult for the instructor to provide individual feedback
  • Poorly organised groups can have a huge spread of ability and attitude. Either the whole process becomes dominated by one section of the group, or the poor instructor is spread so thin it is impossible to give everyone due attention
  • There have to be a minimum number of clients for the ski school to benefit from organising group lessons. Unfortunately some ski schools promise lessons then cancel or shrink courses which are undersubscribed at the last minute, leaving clients high & dry. Even worse, they might amalgamate two different levels to make up the numbers, creating the problem previously mentioned.
  • Some ski schools will only set up groups at times that they can guarantee will fill – which are not necessarily when you require the lessons

Alpine Learning Curves offer group lessons to a maximum of 6 clients per course. We do not mix adults with children because they learn very differently and at a different pace (12yrs+ can be deemed adults at our discretion). Feedback is requested on all clients to ensure compatibility in lessons as far as possible. We never cancel or shrink undersubscribed courses and we never amalgamate courses to make up numbers. Lessons are set up according to demand.

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