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Getting Started

By the time you arrive in Morzine or Les Gets for ski lessons you will need to work on both your aerobic and anaerobic  fitness. Being supple will help avoid injury and Snowsports require reasonable balance & co-ordination. So where do you start?

Let’s begin with basic fitness. If you do not regularly take part in sports or exercise the best way to start is by raising your general levels of every day activity: walk or cycle short journeys instead of using the car, take the dog out twice a day for a proper walk of at least twenty minutes a session. Get out and dig the garden!

And on weekends take the family out to the local recreation ground, take a ball and run around! This summer we’ve enjoyed several games of Sunday rounders, about twenty friends and their kids meet up for the afternoon and get involved. Nothing high tech or expensive, just a bat and ball and afterwards we head to the nearest house for a bbq, or the local for lunch.

Joining a gym is obviously great, but only if you attend regularly, half a dozen classes a year won’t cut the mustard! Whereas activity built into your normal lifestyle is much more likely to become a regular habit and help you maintain a good general level of fitness. From there you can start building up to prepare for a sporting holiday and hopefully avoid too much of the discomfort and injury that so often accompanies last minute preparations for a ski holiday.

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