First day off for ALC Ski Instructors

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First day off for ALC Ski Instructors

After the first few weeks of a very snowy and busy season, we get a day off teaching, so what do instructors do with this opportunity?? We go skiing.

Our plans are to go on a little off-piste adventure, up with the lark, first lift up to Chamossiere followed by a 45 minute walk to the pointe D’angolon- which seemed like longer for me as the heaviest of our team – whereas they go ankle deep I go knee or thigh deep on nearly every step, I must lose a few pounds or the new nickname of Homer will stick.

Finally I reach the top, not too far behind our instructors Ed and Nathan, and a beautiful view awaits us.

Then the descent, quite windblown and scoured icy to begin with but then absolutely brilliant soft powder for a good long way on a big wide expanse of a slope that funnels into more tree and bush lined narrower gullies all the way down into the Valley de la Manche, where they’ve cut a few trees down and created a new clearing down onto the track that takes you back to the Nyon cable car.

Up to the 2 crickets for a well earned hot chocolate followed by a couple of runs on piste and our first day off is complete, what a great morning’s skiing, cheers guys!!!

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