Do I Need Different Equipment?

Yes, you can hire boots and skis in Berthet sports, located very close to the bottom of the Chavannes in Les Gets and Francois Baud sports located at the bottom of the Pleney in Morzine.

Is It Completely Different From Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding?

The main difference is that the boots articulate at the toe joints and there is no rear binding; you are only attached by a front binding.


All the things that the skis do; slip, scrape and carve are the same as alpine skis and snowboards and you can just alpine on the kit (a good way to start).

Telemark describes the “position” that looks like a lunge in the gym however, as with any snowsport, “it’s a dance not a stance” there are no positions.

What Are The Benefits?

Great for many things and crossovers back to other sports;

  • fitness
  • balance
  • skills
  • core strength and leg strength (butt of steel)

For more info there is lots to read in my new book Free the Heel, Free the Mind – Fix the Heel, Fix the Problem relating to Telemark and other sports