Fantastic Snow In Les Gets – But Be Careful Out There!

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Fantastic Snow In Les Gets – But Be Careful Out There!

Fantastic snow in Les Gets but be careful out there everyone!


Yes the recent storms brought a fabulous snowfall and all us locals have been out there getting some whenever we can. It is soooh easy in these conditions to get over-excited and forget all those common sense rules that keep you safe without spoiling the fun. Careful doesn’t have to mean dull.

I love off piste skiing but circumstances dictate that I often ski alone – and skiing off piste alone as we all know, is a definite no no! My solution is to get up there early and head for the areas I know have some nice areas to play beside the piste. Sounds boring and sensible? Monday & Tuesday this week I managed 3 runs of making tracks & even some face shots before it got a little crowded. My first run of the day was shared with only one snowboarder!

Les Gets has some great areas where you can nip off to one side of the beaten track to experiment in unpisted conditions. And if you have bitten off more than you can chew it’s easy enough to traverse back to safety. It really doesn’t have to be all or nothing to have fun.

What’s that? Got all the gear? Carrying peeps, shovels & mobiles so you are being careful! Just remember:

  • Wearing a helmet does not protect you from leg or shoulder injuries, which are still far more common than head injuries!
  • There is absolutely no point in carrying a transceiver unless at least one other person is also carrying one and  everyone has a thorough understanding of how to use them!
  •  Fat skis may make skiing off piste feel easier but you will not be able to outski an avalanche if it happens. Or swim along with it. Or dig your way out if you are buried. Avalanched snow sets like concrete.

So if you are considering an off piste excursion be prepared. Check out the avalanche risk for that day and make sure you understand the implications. There is still no app or any other substitute for local knowledge, so don’t be shy, chat to us (links to previous articles) or the local pisteurs, they will appreciate it. Take time out to do an off piste mountain safety workshop where you can learn to use avalanche equipment effectively and get some insight into how the snow pack develops. And go with a qualified guide. Old skiers are careful skiers.

See you on – or beside- the slopes soon!! Babs

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