Days Like These: A day in the life of a ski instructor

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Days Like These: A day in the life of a ski instructor

We’ve been flat out this week both on and off snow with friends & family visiting, great fun but exhausting!

Anyone who thinks working in a ski resort every season is non stop holiday fun think again, squeezing in a couple of runs with mates between 6hrs a day teaching is not always easy and we still have not seen the inside of the Igloo (Les Get’s only late night venue) in 10 seasons!

But last Sunday Joe had a much needed day off and we went up free skiing with a couple of our guests, enjoying good winter conditions on Chamossier still. Completely on spec we were joined in the afternoon by a couple of old work mates from Andorra who were on holiday in Flaine and decided to take a day skiing in Les Gets. Just time to squeeze a couple of runs in with them before we headed off for an amazing lunch in Chez Nannon – usually a Christmas Day treat but Joe’s brother is a foodie and we knew he would appreciate it despite missing the rest of the skiing day (precious when you are only here for the weekend).

A fab day but it still wasn’t over, down to watch the rugby in the Bush which was a great atmosphere with both French & English cheering their teams on in the pub. Andy, Dave & Callum joined us there for a pint before heading back to Flaine and being Scottish very sportingly cheered both teams when they scored!!

So yes, working in a ski resort can be just like any other job but then you have days like these and you realise why you are here…

Jamie, Pete, Jonnie Black, Martine, Kelly, Jason, Andy, Davie & Callum, thanks very much for your company this week it’s been excellent fun!!

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