Chilly weather, still got winter on my mind

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Chilly weather, still got winter on my mind

Chilly weather brings snowsports to my thoughts

Going to bed and needing to snuggle under the duvet and waking up and requiring clothes after weeks and weeks of hot weather makes me once again, think of winter; skiing, Telemarking, sun and snow.

Last season was the best start we’ve had for a good while and also great in its entirety, although I left early – the earliest I’ve left since my first season way back in the early 1980’s in Soldeu. I’m sure we’ve had more snow over the whole of other seasons and bigger falls even during worse seasons but I’ll settle for another like 2016-17. Would love and can’t wait to get back to doing this again.Chilly Weather

This was a day toward the end of the season I think middle to end of March, when my wife Babs came out to some perfect timing just after a good snowfall and we hiked up a few times and got some amazing descents in the virgin powder. I of course was on camera duty so got to ski first but try not to spoil the snow in the shots.


Walking up and “earning your turns” has always been part of the enjoyment of our sport and off piste exhilarating, exciting, rewarding and dangerous without knowledge and the correct avalanche precautions – so take a course or two. Powder skiing or Telemarking is to most people the best aspect of snowsports and we certainly got our fair share of it last season. The feeling of turning, bouncing and floating in deep snow and getting “face shots” when the snow is deflected upwards and hits you in face, making the timing of breaths important, is FANTASTIC!


The first few climbs we had the snow to ourselves but as you can see, as the day progressed and we changed to a different part of the PdS close to the Swiss Wall we were no longer alone and the snow was more heavily trafficked or tracked and you no longer get virgin, pristine snow.

People always think skiing and Telemarking happen in the chilly weather but if you look at this day it was warm and sunny and one of those perfect blue sky, bluebird days.

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