Brexit/covid news

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Brexit/covid news

Well what a ride we all have had! With the double whammy of Brexit and the Covid pandemic its looking very unlikely that ALC will be operating, for the upcoming winter and possibly closing all together and not returning to the French alps! Babs has...

We are experiencing email problems!

ALC are experiencing problems accessing emails at the moment so please bear with us if you dont receive an answer in a reasonable time. Feel free to contact via social media and of course phone and carrier pigeon. Thanks for your patience, ALC

Winter on my mind

Winter on my mind It may just have been the hottest August bank holiday weekend on record, but when the football season starts and the school holidays are coming to an end, this signals that we are gonna start taking bookings for winter! Yep, this...

The piste map rears its ugly head again!

  A piste map designed for nervous skiers by nervous skiers Colours of pistes, are they gospel, can you trust them, do they cause confusion? This is a revamp or add on to previous blogs (The colours of fear) but this problem comes up almost...