Winter on my mind

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Winter on my mind

Winter on my mind It may just have been the hottest August bank holiday weekend on record, but when the football season starts and the school holidays are coming to an end, this signals that we are gonna start taking bookings for winter! Yep, this...

A Ski Holiday In Les Gets?

Seeing Les Gets from the point of view of our holiday maker clients

Snowplough, Why? – ALC how to ski series – Wedge, Pizza, triangle

Chapter 8 Snowplough, Why? Why do we Snowplough? Or teach it? When asked this question, a student or even a ski instructor will answer “to; stop/control my speed/slow down” (This isn’t wrong, you may know now I hate that word!). However, a fuller, truer answer might start with;...

Balancing skills for alpine skiing 3 – ALC how to ski series

Skiing/Alpine Balancing Skills 3 Chapter 2 Alpine Stance and Balancing skills It’s just leaning forward and keeping your hands forward, isn’t it? Not really, there’s more to it! previously we looked at using our feet for balancing, here we answer some FAQ’s Science/Biology In this...