My book is out

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My book is out

My Book is out

Free the Heel, Free the Mind – Fix the Heel, Fix the Problem

Or “The Musings of a Cockney Snowsports Instructor”

It’s taken a while but the time for prevaricating is over, time to say that’s it finished get it out there and let people know how they can get there hands on it.

I’ve printed what they call a few Vanity Copies  for friends and relatives and people that helped this project but have also released it in ebook and PDF formats that are very affordable.

There is lots of interesting information on Telemark and Alpine technique and bio-mechanical tips to help you at all levels of progress whether a learner or teacher – lots of my clients encouraged me to write down the things that we have been doing in sessions on snow. This has proved very tricky but worthwhile as I’m not an academic – one “O” level and 4 GCSE’s at school and no university for me but I did study and become an electrician when I left school.

The project started as an article for an in house magazine/news letter and grew from many conversations with clients and friends. This first article was mainly from an Alpine point of view, however when reading many of the Telemark books out there while doing another project I found that although many are good none really gave any info on what to feel inside the boot and at foot level. As stated in the book the ideas I’ve shared are not MY favourite methods when I teach but the things I’ve found helped the clients the most – their favourite things, things that have made the most difference to THEM. I get clients saying things like;

  • why hasn’t anyone else told me this info
  • you approach this subject in a totally different way to others who have taught me

You can find most of the info here in my #ALCblogbook how to ski series but I’m hoping the book will prove to help even more. I am so passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt from my 30 odd years of teaching – things I’ve learnt from clients (teaching is a two way street) and also people I have coached in the past on instructor courses of all levels – it’s amazing what you can learn if you listen.


You can find the book in it’s many forms here; Blurb


By clicking on the link behind the word Book in the title or by visiting the Blurb website and searching in the Sports & Adventure section in the bookstore.

Thanks for listening and hope to hear from you soon, JtS


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