Big kid inside everyone?

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Big kid inside everyone?

Big kid inside everyone?

Watching David Baddiel interviewed this morning where he said something along the lines of “all comedians are 12 years old, in fact all people are 12 years old except Michael Gove – he’s 52”.

I have always said that I am 12 years old in my head, I act that way a lot of the time and have long advised clients to keep the 12 year old inside them alive, to enable them to learn via the playful side of their personality. An old age saying is that children learn quicker than adults, why? I don’t subscribe to the – they lack of fear, they’re nearer to the ground theory. I think it’s the lack of preconceptions, consequences (they’re not worried about time off school due to injury like adults worrying about missing work etc etc) so they play and experiment without stress or worry. Once hurt in a physical or mental way they then may change and become more like a grown up.

This got me thinking of the two main sides to my life; the Snowsport Instructor and the Musician.

big kid












The BIG KID in me can’t help Telemarking even when I’m kayaking in a dry-suit.



Generally speaking the Snowsport Instructor is a 12 year old most of the time and the Musician is more of a grown up. This doesn’t mean there is no overlap, of course there are many overlaps and merging of responsibilities, different faces and facets that determine who is present and representing depending on who I’m with and what I or more importantly what the client desires. Doctor Jekyll or Mr Hyde.

When teaching, depending on as said who I’m with, I guess the adult part of me makes an adult assessment – what, where, how, how hard, how fast, how simple and how complicated. After this the child may be set free – fun, play, practice, push the limits a little, enthusiasm, show off and make a joke. If free skiing/Telemarking – Kid, kid, kid, 12 year old all the way, with the adult interjecting now and then.

big kid







Joe the Strummer v

Joe the Telemarker



When playing music/singing, depending on whether I’m doing a paid gig, open mic or practicing in my bedroom (I do have a music room now, well really it’s just a shed in the garden) then I guess it may be the other way round or at least the percentages change for sure. For example; playing/singing a blues or love song, you could sing it in a childlike voice (and go for comedy value) but normally you’re trying to convey heartache, loss, experience and these have to be experienced to be believed, made believable.











Telecaster/ Telemarker

There are exceptions (Michael Jackson singing Ain’t no sunshine or Who’s loving you? among many other youngsters who may’ve nailed it, but does seem a bit weird having a sexually underaged person sing about adult themes) to the rule but a child may sing it technically well but the old bluesman is gonna triumph? We’ve all seen say the X factor, Voice or similar programme when say, a 16 year old girl sings a song and the panel say “wow, your voice sounds a lot older. It’s almost as if in the entertainment industry we are trying to BE older or at least have an older, wiser and more experienced voice.

Conclusion, don’t have one, I’m a mixture of skier/Telemarker, guitar/player singer, adult and child, yes farting is still funny after all these years, along with silly jokes, especially if an animal talks, funny voices and impressions….. yes I’m a big kid, still 12 years old, maybe going on 18. See ya on the slopes or at a gig JtS.

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  1. Sazzer
    September 6, 2018

    Love this x

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