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Is anyone out there considering heading for the slopes for their first winter holiday?

If so you may be wondering where to start with ski or snow board lessons. Many folk head for the indoor slopes prior to arrival these days and whereas we wouldn’t want to discourage anyone, we would like to reassure those who don’t that it needn’t be considered essential to the enjoyment of your holiday.

Our recommendation to newbies, or anyone still on nursery slopes is a minimum of 3x2hrs of lessons, which is generally enough to get average joe descending a gentle slope and stopping in control.

2hrs per day is probably optimum duration. It is long enough for plenty of purposeful practice under the guidance of your instructor and he/she can show you the best terrain available for your level, so you can continue later at your own pace. Most clients are ready for a break after a couple of hours. If you are fit and sporty then a 3hr session is worthwhile, but we actively discourage beginner clients from booking any longer. Learning to ski can be pretty intense both mentally & physically so you’ll probably reach assimilation point after about 3hrs.

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