Ski – Alpine or Telemark

Ski – Alpine or Telemark

Alpine Learning Curves offer beginner lessons in either the more popular Alpine method or the older discipline of Telemark, to individuals or small private groups. You can choose either or try one as a taster session.

We meet at designated points in Les Gets, Morzine & Avoriaz

For obvious reasons, lessons are essential for  a beginner. These days many holiday makers pay a visit to their local indoor slope and have an introduction to skiing prior to heading abroad. For the overwhelming majority however, this in no way prepares them for their first adventures on a real mountain, open to the elements and altogether bigger!


More experienced friends with all good intentions volunteer to help the beginner get started but once they hit the slopes it is really easy for them to get carried away in the moment and in their exhilaration they forget all the fears and forebodings they too once faced – or in all honesty they become impatient to head for the skiing which suits them best. A good beginner instructor will tailor the lessons to your needs and learning style.

Alpine Learning Curves recommend a beginner has a minimum of 6hrs tuition spread over 2 or 3 consecutive days to get up and running. What you can achieve in this time is entirely individual and heavily influenced by fitness, commitment to practice and how bold you are. However the absolute minimum you can expect to achieve is to be able to turn left, right & stop on gentle terrain.

Sessions of 2 or 3hrs per day are optimum – it gives you a chance to warm up and get to grips with everything but most folk find any longer too tiring to concentrate and improve. After a well earned break you are then free to continue practicing in your own time and at your own pace.

Share the sessions with friends & family at the same level (a beginner can roughly be defined as someone starting on the nursery slopes) but we don’t recommend beginners share lessons with people who are already up and running. Before long your skiing friend will be very bored and meanwhile you will be feeling very demoralised and under pressure to progress!. If in doubt, go one to one. We recommend a max of 6 people sharing sessions but will quote for larger groups on request.

We recommend adults & children learn in separate lessons for best results, but we are flexible provided the clients are too! If families wish to ski together we consider each booking on an individual basis and will advise how we think is best to work it.

Telemark beginners will benefit from having previous experience on Alpine kit because it requires more balance but this isn’t absolutely essential.

Our instructors do not offer lessons to children under 4yrs. Children of 4 & 5yrs are normally offered lessons of an hour per day maximum, on a one to one basis.