BASI Telemark Level 3 (Part 2) by Ed Brown

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BASI Telemark Level 3 (Part 2) by Ed Brown

Here is the second part of Ed Brown’s blog about his Telemark Level 3 Course at the end of last season in Hintertux. If you would like to read the first part see our blog last week:

I was really interested in the teaching aspect of the course. We were extremely lucky to have a wealth of experience on the course. Amongst the 6 of us there were BASI Trainers, Alpine Ski Level 4’s and guys with a military back ground.  In fact the experience was so vast that by the time we got to the second week we had all realised that I was 20 years younger then the next youngest member of the group! John (Eames) did some brilliant climate setting so that the group were very relaxed. We were all very comfortable with each other and felt we could learn from each other. I used my Alpine ski analysis skills to understand how the ski was working on the snow and the biomechanics. With this grounding I could develop my group. So each time we were “students” in a teaching session we were receiving top class development which definitely helped everyone’s progress. There were a variety of sessions delivered and reviewed, including a blind Telemark session where we were all blindfolded! Luckily we all trusted each other a lot by that time.


At the end of the two weeks I was extremely pleased to have reached the standard required and to have gained my ISIA in Telemark. However this was only a small part of the enjoyment I felt. The two weeks were full of fun, challenges and learning. I felt very inspired by the people surrounding me and the development I received. It was a privilege to be a part of a good team led by John and to work and learn from them all. The two weeks proved something to me that I had believed for a while, learning and development never stops! Now I suppose I should go hunt out the snowboard and see how I get along witbanner-ski-lesson-04h that! Watch this space!

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