Balance Alignment

Balance Alignment

What is a balance alignment specialist?

We tend to assume we can just hire Ski/Board/Telemark equipment and go! Head for the slopes! For the vast majority this is happily true. Unfortunately some of us have Equipment Issues (read more on the link to Joe’s blog) blocking performance, which we may not even be aware of.

It’s worth a visit to one of Andi’s balance sessions, even if you don’t have pain, discomfort or perceived performance issues to deal with. You will be assessed for a myriad of angles and dangles that you may not be aware of or doubt will make a difference.

Joe’s story may help you understand what happened to him;

“I watched patiently as a friend of mine stood on a table that could be manipulated to imitate the internal angle of his boots. He was then asked to balance on one foot and flex up and down. He struggled to accomplish this and wobbled all over the place. Andi then changed the angle to what he said the boots should be adapted to and……success! When it came to my time to go through my process I was determined I would achieve balance in the “wrong” set up, without any problem – not a chance, I wobbled all over the place!. NO give me another go…….no chance. As soon as the set-up was corrected……success. Honestly I was sceptical and wanted the process to fail and prove it wrong but it worked”.

Every ski manufacturer’s equipment differs from the others; some are similar some couldn’t be more different. Every human is different too, this means that what works for one may not work for the other. Think about it this way – borrow a friends car, how many things do you change?

After this process your equipment will be set-up exclusively and uniquely for you!!