Avoriaz links

Avoriaz links you to PdS

Avoriaz is the link onward from Les Gets and Morzine that enables you to access the rest of the PdS. You can ski over with a short walk or “petit train” from the bottom of Pleney to Super Morzine or access it directly by car.

It has 3 main access points, all gondolas; Ardent, Prodains and Super Morzine. Alternatively you can drive all the way up to the main beginner area in Avoriaz.

It is obviously a fantastic area for experts and the full tour of the 12 resorts can take all day. Avoriaz also is the home of the famous or infamous “Swiss wall” but believe us there is so much more…..

For intermediates it can be easy to get lost and find yourself on some challenging slopes. Low end intermediates should avoid parking on Ardent side as to return to this side involves some steep terrain (Prolays may be marked as a blue run but in my opinion should be either a hard blue or red).

For low end and nervous Intermediates the best area is Super Morzine; after the gondola and short chair you will be on a very long easy run called Serrausaix, leading into Proclus which is slightly more challenging. These runs are great confidence builders.

For total beginners the Ardent side is ok for your first lesson or two but thereafter you may want to use Prodains. If your first session is on the Prodains side it can prove tricky, there is a small area that can be used but the best area on this side is up a small chair to where there is a brilliant area for beginners – lots of flat terrain and 2 drag lifts.

We arrange our meeting point for you depending on what level you are so you maximise your time and don’t come a cropper but, one tip; whatever side you’ve come up unless you’ve got to get back to your car, you can go back down any of the other ways as they are all linked up on the free bus service.