Arrival Day

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Arrival Day

Not long now until I head down to Geneva airport to pick up the Snowcamp Apprentices and I’m full of butterflies! Although Joe, Ed & I are old hands at hosting on the hill, this is a bit of a departure for us since we never usually get involved in the off snow aspect of our clients’ stay.

Rooms are all ready; lift passes arranged (half price, thankyou so much #Sagets); equipment hire organised (another thankyou to Jordan Sports for a deal) and everyone know what they are doing when, more or less.

But the wood burner is having a hissy fit (not drawing properly for the first time in 10 years, why now?) so Joe is going to have to make a little excursion onto our roof in the snow to check it out after work. And what do teenage girls eat? Why didn’t I ask Lara to find out their food heaven & food hell? And let’s hope all their luggage will fit in my Fiat 🙂

Oh well, there’s a lasagne as big as the Isle of Wight ready & waiting to go in the oven or home made chicken soup on the hob.

And nothing is too much trouble for our guests – this morning I just had to go up and check out the snow conditions in Ranfolly Bowl in Les Gets – girls, you’re gonna love it!!!

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