Alpine or Telemark – Beyond beginners

Alpine or Telemark – Beyond beginners

Defining “intermediates” is difficult because it covers a large proportion of clients: beyond beginners, beginner plus, nervous intermediates or not yet advanced, we have used and heard all the above!

Although in a plough, this guy is confident and on a red run, whereas this lovely lady has good technique but is nervous, which affects her performance

beyond beginners

If you’ve been before you are beyond a beginner. You have experience and are therefore no longer a “never ever”. Tell us your previous story and we’ll endeavour to take you to the next level and improve your knowledge and technique. Getting off a learning plateau/ overcoming fear/ losing reliance on the plough to parallel perfection – whatever your goal, problem or desire we have the tools to get you there or over the hurdle.

Setting up the sessions to help you succeed and achieve your goal is a crucial part of the instructor’s expertise. With beyond beginners this may be as simple as showing you the right slopes to practice on and consolidate what you have learned – it doesn’t all have to be about boring drills on nursery slopes! Or it might be helping to rationalise your concerns and showing you how to minimise risk. We can help you decide how many sessions and the ideal duration you need to book.

So many beyond beginners clients come to us because they “want to know what they are doing wrong”. At Alpine Learning Curves our instructors will be more concerned with showing you how to do it right and we’ll teach you good basic technique from Day 1. No shortcuts or bad habit to unlearn.

However, in Alpine or Telemark everyone reaches sticking points and having a session or 2 at the start to middle of your trip can really help you maximise the fun you can have out on the slopes! Even if you feel you don’t have any bad habits this will help to refresh your memory and give you a focus for your ski time. An ideal picture would be; a 2 hour session on your first day and a consolidation session a day or two later – you don’t need lots of contact time with the instructor although we’re happy if you do.

There is lots of help and advice to be found in my blogs #ALCblogbook and article linked here and throughout the site and online to help you and us set up the best sessions for you.