Alpine or Telemark – Advanced, Expert

Alpine or Telemark – Advanced, Expert

Been Alpine skiing or Telemarking for a while?


A group of high performers being coached on a weeks course to a higher level

Another group of high performers from many countries improving each other during a congress

Instructors hear a lot of advanced – expert recreational skiers stating that they don’t need lessons. However Ski & Telemark lessons have changed a lot over the years both in structure and content.  There are many ways to keep learning or improving that are not in the realms of what is considered an old fashioned lesson.  Are you sure you are not missing out on some crucial input into your performance?

Taking a tailor-made session or two can really make a lot of difference to advanced-expert performers. Experience new techniques, unlock psychological or physical blocks and tackle equipment issues to name a few topics, that are all outlined in my series of blogs #ALCblogbook and linked within this text.

Most dedicated professionals still take formal and informal lessons with colleagues to sharpen up their performance and would encourage everyone to do the same.

Like intermediates, advanced – expert clients often rock up to a lesson expecting to be told what they “are doing wrong”. Our instructors however are more interested in working with what you CAN do and adding a few more skills into the mix to create well-rounded, confident recreational skiers.

Skiing with a professional is also an opportunity to stretch your boundaries but with expert guidance to help ensure you do so safely – with choice of suitable terrain for example.

If you have reached a high level in Alpine or Telemark skiing why not try the other one in a taster session,? We are constantly encouraged to engage our brains and learn a new language or skill in directives from the gov. or medical services.