Alpine bike rides near Les Gets

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Alpine bike rides near Les Gets


Let’s start with a question; could the bike ride to Cirque du Sixt a Fer a Cheval be the most visually rewarding of the alpine bike rides near us?

When you leave our house in les Pont des Gets it’s all downhill through a fairly closed in valley until you get to Avonnex


Avonnex alpine bike ride


Bargy alpine bike ride




when it opens up with expansive views over Taninges toward the mountains that surround it on most sides. After a little climb out of there towards Cluses turn left on what is known as the top road to Samoens. This is a lovely undulating D road that’ll bring you past the beautiful little town of Morillon, P1030837





carry on with forest on both sides on fantastic new tarmac until the signs for Sixt Fer a Cheval @ Samoens.

Along this alpine bike ride to Sixt you pass some lovely villages and properties and rarely lose sight or sound of the river. In Sixt itself lots of bar/restos to rest if needed along with bridges across the (raging at the moment) river. Follow signs to the “Cirque” from here up a 1km or so climb until you reach the toll road and from here its just another 3 kms to the end of the road where there is a café etc for ablutions re-hydrating.


Cirque du Sixt du fer a Cheval







None of the climbs are that exhausting or do they last very long but the views all the way along are fantastic as are the final horseshoe mountains of the “Cirque” with its many waterfalls. Then on the way back, up “comedy shortcut” D307 route de Rond you can get a great glimpse of Mt Blanc!! Really enjoying doing these alpine bike rides but wouldn’t consider either of us addicts YET!



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